CTE Students Observing Fertilized Chicken Egg

Dixie High School FFA member Rayhanna Pallone recently visited Cherokee Trail Elementary to share information about animal life cycles with fourth graders in Mrs. Hines and Mrs. Kinard's classes.  Miss Pallone explained the differences between the bird and mammal life cycles.  Fourth-grade students were able to crack a fertilized chicken egg to see the embryo inside. They also were able to observe various breeds of chickens and rabbits that Miss Pallone is currently raising as part of a 4-H project.  This activity helped students understand how some traits like feather and fur color are inherited from their parents at the beginning of the animal's life.  Miss Pallone also visited Mrs. Hopkin's K5 class with the bunnies to share how to handle and care for small animals since many families will adopt rabbits as pets during Spring Break.